Agenesis of Teeth in Denville, NJ

Some people in the general population are congenitally missing permanent teeth. The most frequent missing teeth are premolars and lateral incisors. It is critical for the orthodontist to provide the proper sequence of treatment when a patient is missing a maxillary (upper jaw) anterior tooth. Interdisciplinary care for the patient is essential to provide optimal esthetic results. Dr. Arvystas has published a book on this topic.

Agenesis of one or more teeth constitutes one of the most common developmental anomalies in man. Familial tooth agenesis is transmitted as an autosomal dominant, recessive, or X-linked condition. Reported incidences of agenesis vary from 1.6 to 9.6%, excluding third molars, which occur in 20% of the population. Most common missing permanent teeth, excluding third molars, are: second premolars (3.4%) and maxillary lateral incisors (2.2%).

Obviously, if a patient has bilateral agenesis of maxillary lateral incisors, the bone volume of the maxilla (upper jaw) will be decreased. By erupting maxillary canines into the lateral incisor space, alveolar bone is developed, and by distalizing the buccal segments for the restoration of the lateral incisors, we maintain the volume of the maxillary bone (upper jaw) to create a full smile.

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