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Dr. Michael Arvystas graduated from Colgate University earning an A.B. degree. Earned his D.M.D. degree from Tufts University and was a Captain in the United States Air Force. He completed his specialty training in Orthodontics at Columbia University. At the same time‚ Dr. Arvystas was a student in the Columbia University’s Masters of Fine Arts sculptor program.

Michael Arvystas‚ DMD
Michael Arvystas‚DMD

Dr. Arvystas was the orthodontic director of the Cranio–Facial Anomalies Center at Montefiore Medical Center for many years and concurrently a Professor of Orthodontics at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Dr. Arvystas is currently a Professor of Orthodontics‚ Montefiore Medical Center‚ University Hospital for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine‚ Bronx‚ New York. He is a Fellow in the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and the New York Academy of Dentistry‚ Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. He is a member of the Organization Committee of the annual Greater New York Dental Meeting and has served as committee chairman of entertainment‚ essays‚ seminars‚ exhibits‚ and currently serves the organization as a troubleshooter. He is also a consultant to the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics and the American Journal of Esthetic Dentistry.

Dr. Arvystas has published extensively in his specialty and lectures nationally and internationally on contemporary topics in orthodontics. He has recently written a book entitled “Orthodontic Management of Agenesis and Other Complexities: an Interdisciplinary Approach to Functional Esthetics”‚ published by Martin Dunitz‚ Taylor & Francis Group‚ London and New York. Thieme is the United States distributor.

He maintains private practices in New York City and Denville‚ New Jersey.

Dr. Arvystas lives in Tribeca with his lovely wife Dr. Mimi Buchness‚ a dermatologist in Manhattan‚ and his son‚ Antanas. Weekends are spent on their farm in New Jersey.

Dr. Arvystas and his wife are competitive dressage riders training and showing their horses in eastern United States equestrian competitions.

Political Involvements
  • Past President‚ New York County Dental Society
  • Delegate‚ American Dental Association
  • Delegate‚ New York Dental Association
  • Ethics Committee Chairman‚ New York County Dental Society
  • Ethics Committee Member‚ New York State Dental Association
  • Vice Chairman‚ Annual Greater New York Dental Meeting
  • Dental‚ Local‚ State‚ and National Organizational Involvements
Michael Arvystas‚ DMD
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24 Washington Square North
New York‚ NY 10011

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10 Broadway
Denville‚ NJ 07834

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