Orthognathic Surgery in Denville, NJ

At times, jaw growth deficiency or over-growth can become so severe that orthodontic surgical procedures have to be performed to produce optimal functional and esthetic results. Dr. Arvystas is a pioneer and an expert in this area , lecturing and publishing on this topic.

In the diagnosis and treatment planning of an orthodontic or surgical/orthodontic case, the identification of the areas of disproportionality is of the utmost importance. The etiologic factors of the deformities should be the main focus in the method of treatment. Orthodontic and/or surgical intervention should aim to eliminate the skeletal defect. There is no single method of treating all skeletal malocclusions, each case must be evaluated and resolved individually. If there are biologic variations, the treatment plan too should vary, according to the particular problem of the patient, as each malocclusion has its own characteristics and is unique.

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