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Clear (Vacuum-Formed) Retainers

A retainer made with a clear heat-softened plastic that is sucked down tightly over the teeth with a device that creates a vacuum to do that is another form of the older wrap-around retainer made with acrylic and wire. Because the material is transparent and thin, a vacuum-formed retainer is all but invisible, and most patients prefer them. At present, this is the most widely used retainer for the maxillary arch, and patients using a clear retainer report greater satisfaction with their treatment than those with other types of retainers. In terms of effectiveness of maintaining incisor alignment, a Swedish study reported not difference between these retainers and a bonded wire retainer. This implies excellent compliance with the removable suck-down retainer, and it does seem that patients are more likely to wear a clear retainer full time.

Realignment of Irregular Incisors: Spring Retainers

Re-crowding of lower incisors is the major indication for an active retainer to correct incisor position. The shape of the incisor crowns can contribute to re-crowding, but the cause of the problem in these cases usually is late mandibular growth that uprighted the incisors. If late crowding has developed, it often is necessary to reduce the interproximal width of the lower incisors before realigning them, so that the crowns do not tip labially into an obviously unstable position. Not only does stripping of contacts reduce the mesio-distal width of the incisors, decreasing the amount of space required for their alignment, it also flattens the contact areas, increasing the inherent stability of the arch in this region. If stripping is done cautiously and judiciously, date indicated that long-term periodontal health is not affected by the increase in root proximity that would be an inevitable side effect.

Fixed Retainers

Fixed (bonded) orthodontic retainers are normally used in situations where intra-arch instability is anticipated and prolonged retention is planned.

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